Swipecards: A Tinder-like swipe control for Xamarin.Forms

For a side-project of mine, I created a Xamarin.Forms control, that lets the user wipe away cards in different directions, similar to the popular Tinder app.

The control is still work in progress and will be extended over time, but I decided to publish the current version as it was good enough to go into production for my project. Feel free to use it, contribute and provide feedback! It supports fully customizable ItemTemplates and Data Binding for most properties.

Take a look at the GitHub Repository for further details and a full API-reference. You will also find a sample project to play around with.

If you want to use it in your projects, simply add the NuGet package to your Xamarin.Forms project and add the control in your XAML layout.

5 Comments on “Swipecards: A Tinder-like swipe control for Xamarin.Forms

  1. Hi Robin, thank you very much for the swipe control but I can’t get it working. I did following so far:
    [1] Downloaded your Github project
    [2] Installed Nuget Forms.Controls.SwipeCards
    [3] Build the projects.
    [4] I am getting errors and not able to fix them. Below is the screenshot of all the errors and warning.

    [1] I also created a new PCL project.
    [2] Installed the nuget package.
    [3] Added the clr-namespace
    [4] Copy pasted the sample code above in the content page.
    [5] Ran the application but I am getting blank screen.

  2. Sorry to spam, but my new PCL project is working fine now, had some issue with the Model binding. Also when I run my PCL project on Xamarin Live player for iOS, the player crashes.

    Your github project is still throwing same error.

  3. Please help me. It displays a white screen only and when I Clicked the view, it gives me error like this

    Exception = {System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at SwipeCards.Controls.CardStackView.HandleTouchStart()
    at SwipeCards.Controls.CardStackView.d__41.MoveNext()
    — End of stack trace from previous l…

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