Useful Developer Tools #9: Clean and Zip .NET projects from Finder

If you develop .NET projects, particularly in the Xamarin world, you might find yourself cleaning your projects (delete /bin and /obj folders) from time to time by hand. Especially, when you plan to send code to others as a compressed .zip file, you might want to remove those folders beforehand.


The amazing Colby L. Williams created a Finder extension for macOS, that does exactly that for you. Simply right-click a folder and select Services -> Clean to get rid of all /bin and /obj folders of its descendants or Services -> Clean & Compress to do the same and zip it afterwards.


One Comment on “Useful Developer Tools #9: Clean and Zip .NET projects from Finder

  1. Great plugin, but instead of “Clean & Compress” I would prefer “Compress & Clean”. With current method my project has to reload all packages again when I want to compile. I would prefer to keep all the files in the folder and add only the necessary files to the zip. Anyway, great plugin and just my 2 cents…

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