Free self-guided Xamarin workshop

Two days ago, I gave a Xamarin workshop at the Microsoft Technical Summit 2016 conference in Darmstadt (Germany). This was a full-day workshop with a Xamarin introduction at the beginning and a guided workshop experience, where the participants learned how to

  • Setup a Xamarin development environment
  • Create native cross-platform apps with Xamarin
  • Share as much business logic as possible between iOS, Android and Windows
  • Share layouts with Xamarin.Forms
  • Create a clean architecture
  • Spin up anAzure Cloud backend and connect the app to it easily

I decided to make this workshop open and available for free, so that anyone can take it as a self-guided tour through the world of Xamarin development. So feel free to use it in whichever form you like. If you get stuck or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here in the comments.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 22.30.58

Beside, as this is an open-source project, contributions are very welcome!If you know something better, have a good idea, want to correct something or know a better teaching style please feel free to create a pull request. This workshop is getting better with every single contribution!

Have fun with it. You can find the workshop on GitHub.