Microsoft Build 2023: Highlights for App Developers

Last week, Microsoft's annual Developer conference took place and besides interesting sessions, a bunch of new announcements have been made. This post summarizes the most important ones for App Developers, along with a list of recommended sessions to watch.

Microsoft Build 2023: Highlights for App Developers

TL;DR: Copilot everywhere, not only in the IDE. AI-based autocompletion and smart chats, can also be found on Windows, Office, Dynamics and Power Platform soon. Lots of new features and services for building AI experiences yourselves with Azure Machine Learning. A totally new SaaS for managing all kinds of data from everywhere called Microsoft Fabric. Every compute is containers these days and there were many enhancements announced around services like Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Apps. Lastly, security and monitoring seam to be even more popular than before.

Hero Announcements

Below, you can find a list of the announcements, that I found most interesting and relevant for App Developers. You can find the full list of announcements in the Book of News.

Developer Tools

  • Azure Deployment Environments (Generally Available): Spin up and down on-demand infrastructure for development or Pull Request reviews  | Announcement | Session
  • GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps (Preview): Code scanning, secret scanning and dependency scanning | Announcement | Session
  • Semantic Kernel: Open-source framework for building AI apps like Copilots | Announcement | Session
  • Azure API Center: Centralize your portfolio of 1st and 3rd party APIs at one place | Announcement | Session
  • Copilot in Power App and Power Pages: Describe elements or pages to the AI to get them generated | Announcement | Session


  • Microsoft Container Storage: Azure native volume management service with fast disk attach and detach times built natively for containers (Preview) | Announcement | Session
  • Azure Container Apps Jobs (Preview): Run ad-hoc tasks like CI/CD agents in a fully managed container environment | Announcement | Session
  • Host Azure Functions in Azure Container Apps: Deploy containerized functions into Container Apps and benefit from built-in Dapr support | Announcement | Session
  • Dedicated and Consumption plans in Azure Container Apps* (Preview): Mix and match serverless and workloads with dedicated hardware in your container apps environments with Workload profiles
  • AKS long-term support: Not recommended, but now possible to specify a two-year support window | Announcement
  • Kubernetes Apps (Generally Available): Partner ecosystem and marketplace to effortlessly deploy configure and deploy apps via Azure into your Kubernetes clusters | Announcement


  • Azure Cosmos DB Burst functionality: Utilize idle throughput for bursts | Announcement
  • Azure Cosmos DB Hierarchical partition keys: Combine up to three keys for more efficient partitioning | Announcement


  • Fully managed Prometheus in Azure Monitor (Generally Available) | Announcement

*Actually not exactly a Build 2023 announcement but fresh enough to be mentioned here.

Session recommendations


Should watch

Fun to watch

Worth mentioning

Did I miss anything? Do you have any session recommendations? What were your highlights? Please let me know in the comments!

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