My favorite offline Mobile Games for traveling

I have always been into gaming but decreasingly find the time for it. As I travel for work quite often, airplanes are the only place where I can calm down and really spend some time playing video games. Personally, I am not too much into Jump n’ Runs or Puzzle Games, I want a story to be told.

As most Mobile Games nowadays require Internet Access, I have created a list of my personal favorites to play in airplanes.

1. Thimbleweed Park

Clear number one and myabsolute favoritegame I played on the road is Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park. I played it on my iPad on a trip from Munich to Seattle and still was not even half finished after the flight. It tells a sweet little story from multiple characters’ different perspectives, has some nice riddles and a hilarious humor!

If you liked Monkey Island and can laugh about Ron Gilbert’s strange humor, Thimbleweed Part is a must-play for you!

The handling is extremely well optimized for touch displays and it is easy to play with one finger when putting it down on the foldable table which gives you a free hand for beer!

iTunes ($19.99)| Google Play ($9.99)| Nintendo Switch ($19.99)

2. This War Of Mine

The cold grimace of war, playable in the role of survivors and civilians who are looking for shelter and have to live together under extreme conditions and extreme danger. This game is deep,intense and gives you the creeps. Goosebump moments guaranteed. It sounds wrong to say that I enjoyed this game but it was an experience, I don’t want to miss.

iTunes ($14.99)| Google Play ($11.99)


You might have played LIMBO already as it is an absolute classic. INSIDE is the next game from Playdead Studios with a similar gameplay but all-new elements. Again, you play a young boy drawn into the center of a dark project that you start to explore more and more after time. You are hunted, you are alone and you will die. Often. Over and over again. But that is part of the game.

You feel being haunted constantly fear while playing INSIDE. If you enjoyed the minimalistic style of LIMBO, you wiill like this game as much as I did.

Interesting, that this game is able to tell its full story without any spoken or printed text. Although you die so often, the motivation never dies to solve these puzzles.

iTunes ($6.99), Free Trial

4. Plague Inc.

Ever wanted to be a virus and extinguish the population of the word? No? Thank god, me neither. But in Plague Inc. you do exactly that. And being a virus is hard, strategic and turns out a lot of fun. Depending on the region where you break out, you have to develop differentbacterialresistances, choose between symptomsand when to develop them and need a plan on how to travel around the world. But be careful, once you got detected, research will start to work against you. A clever and fun game that doesn’t need 100% attention all the time and can be played on the side.

iTunes ($0.99) | Google Play ($0.82)

5. Prison Architect

It’s exactly what you think it is after reading the title: Roller Coaster Tycoon for prisons. You are the director of a prison and have to build walls, cells, showers, and yards, and hire the right staff like guards and cleaners. Once the first prisoners arrive you will be faced with the common craziness of running a prison and have to solve all it’s problem while always growing economically.

iTunes ($14.99) | Google Play ($14.99), Free Trial