Useful Developer Tools #6: App Icons and Resizers

Finding the right icons for your applications can be a tough task. Especially resizing them for the different platforms is super annoying. That is why I would like to share my favorite icon sources and resizing tools with you.

Finding icons

There are many different icon sources in the web with different quality and range. These are my favorites.

The Noun Project
**Pros:**Icons for literally everything, CC and paid licenses
**Cons:**Accountrequired, CC icons come with attribution inside the image

Pros: iOS Style mainly, dimensions and color can be modified online, no account
**Cons:**iOS Style mainly

Icon Sizes

The Apple Human Interface Guidelines for Icons suggest the following sizes for custom icons.

Navigation Bar / Toolbar24px x 24px48px x 48px72px x 72px
Tab Bar25px x 25px50px x 50px75px x 75px
Resizing iconsFinding icons is only the first step. In most cases (especially when developing for mobile) icons have to be resized for different screen resolutions and densities. Here are my favorite tools for doing this:[App Icon Resizer]( **Pros:** Resizes for iOS and Android, web-tool **Cons:** No Windows, only for toolbar and application icons[Final Android Resizer]( **Pros:** Resizes everything for Android **Cons:** No iOS or Windows, Java tool (has to be downloaded)I hope that helps to find a smarter and faster way through the icon jungle. If you know some other cool icon sources or tools, please reveal them in the comments!