Xamarin .gitignore

If you use git as source control for your Xamarin project, you might not want everything but only the necessary files to be commited. Unfortunately most auto-generated .gitignore files like the one from GitHub for example don’t contain Xamarin paths. By adding these lines to your .gitignorefile your repository will remain clean:

<code class="language-markup">
# Xamarin Build/test output

The bin and obj folders (both with upper or lower case) contain compiled stuff and do not need to be checked into your repository. Same is with the test-results. Inside the Components folder you can find downloaded Xamarin components that you loaded from the component store. You do not need to check them in, because a reference to the components is included in your project file and everytime you build, the systems checks if they already have been downloaded or not. If you work on a Mac, make sure to ignore hidden the Mac resourece folder .DS_Store.

Remember: Ifyou already committed files that should be ignored afterwards, git will continue to watch them. Readthis postabout how you can fix that.